The Secret Behind IONA Coffee

3/8/20242 min leer

The Secret Behind IONA Coffee: Sourced from the Heart of Costa Rica's Blue Zone

Nestled among the mountains high above Samara grows the secret ingredient of IONA Coffee. Our coffee beans! They are grown by farmers in the only Blue Zone in the world that can cultivate coffee. This remarkable region of the Nicoya Peninsula is where we live and call home. It has been studied as a place where the inhabitants demonstrate a unique longevity and quality of life. Our coffee is as rich in flavor as it is in history and culture.

A Taste of Longevity

While we can't guarantee drinking IONA Coffee will give you a longer life, we like to think it adds a special significance to every cup you drink. The rich, volcanic soil and the perfect climate of the Nicoya mountains lend our coffee beans a unique profile that is not just a pleasure to the palate but a celebration of life itself. The joy of coffee, after all, goes beyond its taste. It is about the moments shared, the conversations sparked, and the connections we make over a steaming cup. In this way, perhaps, IONA Coffee does indeed contribute to a richer, fuller life.

Crafted with Care

At IONA Coffee, we believe in the art of coffee roasting with care. Every batch of our coffee is hand-roasted in micro batches. This process involves all three senses: sight, smell, and sound. Our meticulous approach ensures that every bag of IONA Coffee brings not just freshness but draws out all of the bean’s flavors into your cup. Our roasting process is an extension of our commitment to quality and our devotion to delivering a coffee experience that is truly special.

Savor the Unique, Celebrate Life

We invite you to savor the distinct taste of IONA Coffee, sourced from the heart of Costa Rica's Blue Zone. We have several kinds for you to try based on the drying process and roasting profile. Let each sip remind you of the beauty of our world, the value of life, and the joy of shared moments.

With IONA Coffee, you're not just enjoying a cup of coffee; you're partaking in a global tradition of connection, celebration, and the eternal desire for a beautiful life.